$120,000 Bighorn River Basecamp (Fort Smith, MT)

0 Grapevine Rd, Fort Smith, MT, MT 59035

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Spanning 2.81 acres, this property boasts around 900 feet of coveted Bighorn River frontage, placing it in a prime location. Known as one of Montana's premier trout streams and among the top in the contiguous United States, the Bighorn River necessitates a Montana fishing license for angling enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the serenity of this undeveloped area, enveloped by picturesque farmland with Fort Smith visible just across the river. Adjacent to the property lies the Yellowtail Afterbay Reservoir, ensuring a consistent river flow and providing immediate access. Establish a base camp and explore the river by boat from this advantageous site. Consider constructing a cabin as your headquarters for outdoor adventures. Entrepreneurs may find this property ideal for outfitting ventures, catering to outdoor enthusiasts. Embrace a lifestyle characterized by tranquility, fostering a deep connection with nature!

Local Area

Fort Smith, Montana was established on August 12, 1866, as a haven for those traveling on the Bozeman Trail from attacks by the Sioux Indians. The nearby site to the present-day town of Fort Smith allows for recounted historical stories and an area rich with antiquity. Nearby also is the Bighorn Lake which extends approximately 60 miles through Wyoming and Montana. This area provides much of the recreational activities of boating, fishing, camping, and hiking.

Area Attractions
Premiere Blue-Ribbon Trout Fishing
The Bighorn River is not only one of the best trout streams in Montana but is one of the finest in the lower forty-eight of the United States. That makes this nationally recognized trout stream a very popular destination spot for a Montana fly fishing trip. Be prepared to consistently pull out large fish as the brown trout average about 15 inches in length and the rainbow about 16 inches in length! The fertile and nutrient-rich waters allow the trout to grow quickly. In the first 13 miles below the Afterbay Dam, the Bighorn flows steady and cool, creating ideal conditions for substantial numbers of fish. These 13 miles are the best along the whole river, and it is estimated that 3000-5000 fish occupy every mile with proportions over 14 inches long. Choose a busy summer day and see dozens of rafts floating in the river with more anglers fishing from the shore. The Bighorn River offers high-quality fly fishing throughout the entire year, nonetheless. If you are brave enough to set out during the winter, you will not be alone as there is still consistent activity even in the dead of the cold months. The river is so consistent because of the high-quality hatches. Wade anglers and floaters fish well here; however, any boat can be used because of the lack of rapids. The trout fishing is phenomenal, yet the river is home to 38 other species of fish. Keep it exciting and see how your angling skills are in this bountiful river.
Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area

Roam an area of over 120,000 acres and enjoy the breathtaking views of this canyon and its many ecosystems. Get a good feel for the land with over 17 miles of hiking trails ranging from short wanderings to dramatic overlooks. Bighorn Lake fills the bottom of the canyon and offers boating, kayaking, and canoeing. There are boat tours offered throughout the summer months through Hidden Treasure Charters. For the avid anglers, fish Bighorn Lake for Walleye, Brown and Rainbow Trout, Yellow Perch, Carp, Catfish, Ling, and Crappie. The Bighorn River is a blue-ribbon trout stream but is also home to 38 other species!

Yellowtail Afterbay Reservoir

The Yellowtail Dam provides flood control, irrigation, and generates power. The water is then collected in the Afterbay Reservoir to preserve the constant flow of the Bighorn River. The Afterbay is 181 acres and is popular for anglers and boaters. Shoreline fishing is also a favorite activity. The main species sought after here is the Rainbow Trout. There are two campgrounds at the Afterbay and a boat launch.


This vast acreage provides a wide array of hunting opportunities. Waterfowl, pheasants, ducks, geese, sand-hill cranes, turkeys, and grouse are all game birds that you will find roaming your land. Enjoy hunting coyotes and other small varmints.

Little Bighorn Battlefield

This national monument is 15 miles southeast of Hardin and is famously where Custer took his last stand.

Pompey’s Pillar

The Expedition of Lewis and Clark gives us a historical account of their journey through Montana, and at Pompey’s Pillar, you can view William Clark’s signature carved in stone. It is the only physical evidence left of the Expedition and will leave a lasting impression on you as well!

Yellowtail Dam

Standing at 525 feet high, the Yellowtail Dam backs up the Bighorn behind it for 71 miles creating space for other water sports such as water skiing and motorboating. The Dam provides a stunning view.

Pictograph Cave State Park

Come to contemplate the origins of humankind when they were prehistoric hunters. The three main caves, Pictograph, Middle, and Ghost, display hundreds of pictographs or rock paintings with the oldest rock art being over 2000 years old!

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