Rotationally Grazed Pasture Eggs - $8 (Laurel)

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Premium pasture eggs available.

From about May 15 all through the growing season my ladies graze on fresh pasture and bugs. I rotationally graze my cattle, moving them every day. About three days after cows have been in an area, their manure is loaded with nutritious bug larvae. The chickens move behind them, getting fresh salad and grub hunting territory every few days. I am able to do this because my chicken coop is on wheels. Unlike a stationary coop free range system, my birds enjoy a fresh environment all the time.

This shift increases the health of the egg tremendously. Joel Salatin who has been using this method for years has tested his eggs and compared results to the USDA's standard for an egg. His are from 2 to 50 times more nutrient dence than the governments idea of an egg. I want to make that type of food available to people in our area.

My donkey, Joansey, guards the birds during the day. I am working on training him to pull the egg mobile as well.

During the winter I plan to build a deep bedding greenhouse for the birds to keep thriving even when grass is not growing.

I also grind my own feed, for better nutrients, and give them Azure poultry nutri balancer.

Picture of eggs is current color. They will get richer when I move them out in pasture.

My product is amazing, and I am working as hard as I can to keep improving. If you are interested in buying delicious orange eggs, or have any questions please call or text:

406 six seven zero 8115

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